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Find Out What Ethiopian Coffee Is Like

If you are a coffee lover and you like to know where it comes from and which coffee is the best, look at Ethiopian coffe.

Many people wonder if coffee from Ethiopia is really that good. The answer is yes, because it grows at high altitudes where the climatic conditions favor it. Most coffee growers grow the Arabica variety, which is considered the “queen of coffee”.

What makes coffee from Ethiopia special is that it has a fruity-floral taste. Its taste is also contributed by the fact that it mostly grows with other types of plants, so that it gets a lot of flavor from them as well. Since it is mostly processed naturally, it gives the coffee an extra flavor. Natural processing means that it is dried with its coat attached to the grain. In this way, the grain absorbs additional flavors.

Ethiopian Coffe

Like all coffee, Ethiopian coffee contains caffeine. Mostly Ethiopian coffees contain 1.13 percent caffeine, and the most famous Arabica has 1.5 percent caffeine.

There are many brands of Ethiopian coffee, and you can find the best ones on Ethiopian coffe. Ethiopian coffee has a natural sweetness, so those who like sweet coffee can drink it without adding sweeteners. There are also types of coffee that have a chocolate flavor, so you don’t need any additives with them.

The taste of Ethiopian coffee goes from mild with floral notes to heavy with a winey taste. So, in this large palette of flavors, you will find the one that suits you best.

Still, Arabica remains the most valued and tastiest type of coffee. Its grains do not have an excessively strong taste and are not sour, the taste is very mild.

If you want to know much more about all this, one click on Ethiopian coffee is enough. With us you will become a real connoisseur of coffee.

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